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I Could Fall In Love - Selena

So what happened to the movie? Did they decide it was gonna be terrible and offensive to fans and can it?


im such a fucking jealous asshole i pretend like i dont care but i care so much im gonna explode

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Okay, so Gotham is actually a good show. I didn’t have any interest in it when it was hyped at Comic Con. That always happens. I get into something after the con and wish I paid more attention while I was there. 

Had a dream that I saw teaser footage of Age Of Ultron with Doctor Strange in it. If he’s in the movie I’m going to claim psychic bragging rights. 







7 billion people, 14 billion buttholes

a slight calculative error was made

anus georg

are you implying there’s a human named anus georg who posesses 7 billion buttholes

final boss

why does this happen

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Lady Gaga thinks she’s so original. Selena had her shit figured out 20 years ago. 

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